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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View evolved from a Native American settlement to a staple in the tech world. Today serving as a headquarter for hundreds of tech companies, including Alphabet (Google’s Parent Company).

Google Headquarter, Mountain View
Mission Santa Clara de Asís
Mission Santa Clara de Asís

Ohlone Tribe (Early 1700’s)

Once boasting approximately 10,000 people at their peak, the Ohlone tribes spread from present-day San Francisco to Monterrey. The Ohlone took advantage of the rich climate and thrived on fishing, hunting, and gathering. While the Ohlone consisted of over 50 tribes, the Puichon was the tribe located in present-day Mountain View.

European Expeditions (Late 1700’s)

As the Spanish continued to uncover North America, the explorers and missionaries encountered Native Americans. Escaping secular rule in Spain, the missionaries sought to spread their religion and assimilate the Natives into European life. Missionaries taught Native Americans about produce and animals unique to Europe while forcefully converting thousands of Natives to Christianity.

The missions ultimately stripped the tribesman of their way of life and led to numerous Native causalities from European diseases such as chickenpox. Today, the closest Mission to Mountain View, Santa Clara de Asís is still standing and is converted into a museum (15 min drive).

Gold Rush (Mid 1800’s)

In 1842, 20 years after declaring independence from Spain, Mexico granted a 9,000-acre Rancho to Francisco Estrada. This land made up a large portion of present-day Mountain View and Sunnyvale. The remaining 1,500 acres were granted to a Native American Lupe Ynigo.

Post WW2 (Mid 1900’s)

Ynigo’s original plot of land today is Moffet Field (1933), a military airport operated by NASA. Shortly after the distribution of land, the United States acquired California, which served as a stagecoach stop during the gold rush. With the opening of Moffet Field coupled with the rapid immigration into California, Mountain View’s population increased 370% from 1950-1960 to 30,000 residents.

Doppio Zero Mountain View Location

Doppio Zero is an Italian restaurant with three locations: San Francisco, Concord, and Mountain View. The Mountain View location is a favorite amongst Silicon Valley employees for its homemade pasta and award-winning Neapolitan pizza. Recently named the “#19 Pizza in the US” by 50TopPizza, Doppio Zero continues its meteoric rise in the San Francisco Bay Area. All Doppio Zero dishes are made with locally sourced and the highest quality Italian produce.

Doppio Zero has two more locations, in San Francisco and in Concord.

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