10 Fun Facts About Neapolitan Pizza

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What are some of the facts you didn't know about Neapolitan Pizza? See how many you know!

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  • Wood Fired Ovens are used because of the very high temperatures inside of the oven (850-900°F)
  • Neapolitan Pizzas are in the oven for only about 90 seconds due to the high temperatures in the wood fired ovens
  • There are only four ingredients water, salt, fresh yeast, and 00 Flour (Doppio Zero Flour) known for its light properties. View video here
  • Most of the ingredients including the tomato come from the Southern Region of Italy
  • Parmigiano cheese is added with a circular motion by the Pizzaiolo
  • Margherita pizza was originally made for Queen Margherita
  • The ingredients of a Margherita Pizza have the colors of the Italian flag (Green = Basil, White = Mozzarella Cheese, Red = Tomatoes)
  • 00 Flour is the refined flour used in Neapolitan pizza with low gluten, hence, easier to digest
  • The tomatoes must come specifically from the Campania region where Naples is located (The founding city of pizza).
  • The original pizzas are the Margherita and Marinara, but there have been several variations since then!

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