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The Bay Area is famous worldwide for the Golden Gate Bridge, its contributions to the sporting world, and of course, its restaurants. An area with a vibrant Italian community, this means that it's also home to some truly fantastic (and authentic) Italian restaurants. However, this makes it difficult to figure out where you can buy the best Neapolitan pizza bay area. 

That is until you stumble upon Doppio Zero.

Why should I visit Doppio Zero?

If you’re looking for pizza bay area, look no further than Doppio Zero. Since opening in 2014, the talented team at Doppio Zero has worked tirelessly to introduce authentic southern-Italian cuisine to customers in the bay area - and if their numerous awards are anything to go by, their hard work has paid off.

So far, they’ve been awarded the titles of: 

  • 15th Best Pizza in the USA by 50TopPizza
  • 89 Best Pizza in the world by 50TopPizza

The restaurant is now Michelin Guide and Vera Pizza Napoletana Certified. While both of these certifications signify that diners are in for a treat the moment they step through the door, the latter is what makes Doppio Zero the best pizzeria bay area for traditional, Neapolitan Pizza. 

This is because the certification means that the pizzeria creates “an excellent product of Neapolitan tradition, according to the international AVPN disciplinary.” 

How is Neapolitan Pizza Made?

There are certain specifications that must be met for a Neapolitan Pizza to be considered authentic - both in regards to the ingredients and the method of cooking. For example, the pizza base must be made from 00 Flour, to create the perfect, thin, and airy crust that has become synonymous with Neapolitan pizza worldwide.  At Doppio Zero, this flour is imported directly from Italy to the bay area kitchen. 

Neapolitan Pizzas must also be cooked in a wood-fired oven for between 60-90 seconds. This means that the oven must also be at a high temperature, allowing the cheese to melt in such a short time. However, it's also important that the crust does not burn or overheat.  Not only are all of the Pizzas at Doppio Zero cooked in a wood-fired Pizza oven, but they’re also prepared by highly-trained Italian Chefs which means that your taste buds are in for a treat!

Once cooked, Neapolitan Pizzas must also be topped with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil which must be applied in a spiral motion over the top of the pizza. Both ingredients are included to add an extra touch of flavor to the Pizza. 

If you’re ready to enjoy some delicious and award-winning Neapolitan Pizza, why not make a reservation at the Bay Area restaurant today? If Pizza isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other delicious dishes to choose from, including freshly made pasta. All dishes are based on traditional recipes and made with love using only the freshest ingredients. 

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